Forests and Communities Initiative

Forest conservation through the action of indigenous peoples and local communities

Local action preserving forest ecosystems - Essential part of our sustainable future

Forests are the heart and lungs of our planet, providing a wide range of ecosystem services. They are home to the vast majority of known plant and animal species, essential to the fight against desertification and soil erosion, at the basis of global water cycle and fresh water supply, absorb carbon dioxide, and help in many other ways to temper our climate. Despite those critical roles, the last decades have seen an exponential rate of forest destruction, and the world's major forests on all continents are subject to unprecedented pressure. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, the International Ranger Federation, Global Forest Coalition and the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity are joining forces to support the people who will truly make a difference to protect forest ecosystems, today and tomorrow, indigenous peoples and local communities.

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